Terms and conditions

1. To reserve your spot in the workshop fill out the registration form which can be downloaded here.

2. Make a deposit of 20% of the total course amount in the following account number, you can also make the payment with your credit card in the link www.batadecolainmaculadaortega.com or just send us a copy of your flight ticket as a proof of your attendance at the course.

Titular: Maria Inmaculada Ortega Corrales

Número de cuenta:
1465 0340 56 1800135094

Fecha de apertura: 22/11/2013

ES19 1465 0340 5618 0013 5094


You will receive an Email certifying that your deposit has been received and your reservation held. The remaining amount of the total course price is to be paid on the day of arrival at the course site by cash or credit card.

3. You must send the signed payment conditions document by e-mail info@inmaculadaortega.com or flamencomiraflores@yahoo.es

4. The amount deposited to reserve your spot in the course will not be refunded in the case of cancellation made by the student.

5. The organization agrees to refund the entire reservation deposit amount in the case of course cancellation by the organization.